OGB Health Benefits- Annual Enrollment

It’s that time of the year again, our 2018 Annual Enrollment for HEALTH INSURANCE is here!


What's New for 2018?


Beginning January 1, 2018, the following changes will be effective for our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana plans:

  • $1,000 increase to the Out-of-Pocket maximum for the Magnolia Local Plus and the Magnolia Open Access plans
  • $50 increase to the emergency room co-pay on the Magnolia Local Plus plan
  • Magnolia Local (LIMITED PROVIDER PLAN) expanding to Livingston, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John the Baptist and Plaquemines parishes


2018 annual enrollment begins October 1, 2017 and ends November 15, 2017. This is your opportunity to evaluate your health care needs and select a plan best suited to you and your eligible covered dependents. If you wish to make a change (add or drop dependents, change health plans, etc.) with HEALTH only, please email amanda.glascock@lpsb.org detailing what changes you would like to make. If you would like to remain in your current OGB health plan with the same covered dependents for the 2018 plan year, you do not need to anything EXCEPT update your HSA775. Remember, members enrolled in the Pelican HSA775 MUST update their contributions. Please email me to update your HSA775 contributions. Supplemental Benefits (dental, vision, short & long term disabilities, annuities, etc.) annual enrollment is typically in December through First Financial. That is when their representatives come around to the campuses to meet with each employee.  


***Amanda Glascock will be available at the central office in the Title 1 Room on the dates and times listed below if you prefer to make your changes in person.***

October 11th 8am-11am

October 18th 12:30pm-4pm

November 2nd 12:30pm-4pm


*New Enrollment (not currently enrolled in a health plan?)

If you currently do not have insurance with us and enroll during annual enrollment, your health insurance will go into effect 01/01/2018. Your premium will be deducted in December because we prepay our health insurance.


If you choose the Pelican HSA775 plan, please know that there are additional forms that you would need to complete in order to enroll in that plan. The GB01 enrollment form is for you to complete once you have decided on a health plan. Documents can be scanned & emailed or faxed to 225-686-4363. If you’re adding a spouse, we’ll need a copy of your marriage license. If you’re adding children, we’ll need a copy of their birth certificates.



**Adding Dependents or Spouse during Annual Enrollment (need to add  your spouse or child to your plan?)

If you want to add your spouse or dependents, you’ll need to complete the attached form. Please return it to me along with a copy of your marriage license for your spouse or birth certificates for your dependents. If you’re adding a step-child, we’ll need both your marriage license & their birth certificate. These documents can be scanned & emailed or faxed to 225-686-4363. Any persons coverage that you added to your plan during annual enrollment will go into effect 01/01/2018.



***Deleting Dependents or Spouse during Annual Enrollment (need to drop your spouse or child from your plan?)

If you want to delete your spouse or child/ren off of your plan, please complete the attached form & scan & email it or faxed to 225-686-4363.  Any persons deleted from your plan during annual enrollment will terminate 12/31/2017 at midnight.



****If you are NOT making any changes to  your plan, then you do not have to do anything.

Your plan will remain the same. Please note that members who are enrolled in the HSA775 plan do have to re-enroll every year. 

OGB Health Benefits Guide
OGB- Enrollment/Change Form
OGB- Health Savings Account  Change Form

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