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What is PII?
  Personally Identifiable Information is information about an individual that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single individual such as:

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TIP:  Have a website that only requires a name?  Instead of using a student's last name, use your school's mascot!

Act 677- Requires that the school system and each school publish information on their websites about the sharing of students’ personally identifiable information to vendors.

Act 837- Proves for limitations and prohibitions on the collection and sharing of student information.

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LMS (Learner Management Systems) and Communication






OnCourse Classroom

Classes are auto-created. Teachers can push assignments to students and students can access them through the OnCourse Assignments icon on their desktop.

Microsoft Teams

Teachers can manage an entire class by giving and receiving assignments, emailing, sharing documents, and many other available options- for free!

Google Classroom

Teacher can manage class assignments through their own google classroom!

Log in for both students and teachers is:


PW= Same as computer


Allows for parents and students to opt in and receive text messages and/or e-mails from their teacher (with ZERO personal numbers revealed).


Assessments and Feedback







 Allows for game-like assessment of student knowledge.


Allows students to film short video responses


Formative Assessment without the need for student devices. Use Plickers Cards.










Interactive Presentation (allows teachers to upload their own PPTs


Takes all of the ads out of YouTube videos, making it safe for student viewing.


Takes the ads out of YouTube videos and loops the video so it will play continuously.










Interactive board that displays classroom management and student self-monitoring tools.

Allows for teachers to place questions and other interactive commentary within a video (from YouTube or one self-created)


A classroom noise level meter, monitor and management tool










Collaborative Wall (Like Sticky-Notes)



Allows for creative polling of audience using a URL and live results display




Have an app that you LOVE using in your classroom?  Tell us about it!  E-mail Nikki.Lavergne@lpsb.org

Cell Phone Modules

Notice of Discrimination

The Livingston Parish School Board does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, disability or gender in its educational programs and activities (including employment and application for employment), and it is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender by Title IX (20 USC 168) and on the basis of disability by Section 504 (42 USC 794). The Title IX Coordinator is Stephen Parrill

Livingston Parish Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all websites and web applications, both public-facing and for internal use, conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W.C.A.G.) 2.0 Level AA. Any issues should be reported toLPWebAccessibility@lpsb.org. (stephen.parrill@lpsb.org), Assistant Superintendent, P.O. Box 1130, Livingston, LA 70754; Phone (225) 686-7044. The Special Education Director is Dr. Eric Penalber (eric.penalber@lpsb.org); the LPPS 504 Coordinator is Marcia McKnight (Marcia.McKnight@lpsb.org), P.O. Box 1130 Livingston, LA 70754; Phone (225)686-4248.

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